Rewarding Positive Behaviour

As part of our behaviour policy, we issue several exciting rewards for the children in Cubitt Town Junior School.

The Golden Lunch

Each week, the class teacher will choose one child from their class, who has demonstrated outstanding behaviour, effort or attitude to learning to be rewarded ‘Golden Lunch’. The children get to have their lunch 1st. 

Golden Lunch will take place every Wednesday. Children’s names are announced in their classroom. They get to choose a friend who they bring with. They get to enjoy each other’s company and also receive special treats.

All the children who are rewarded, have their names published on the school website and on the digital notice board screens as you enter the school.

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Our Tree of 6 C's

Each term teachers select a child from their class that has shown they are following one of the school 6 C's.

Caring - Confident - Courageous - Committed - Curious - Challenged.

When the teacher selects the child, their name goes on a leaf and onto the schools Tree of 6C's along with what they have achieved their accolade for. Their name also goes on the school website and the school digital notice boards as you enter the school.

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Focus Child of the Week

Each week a child is chosen by their class teacher for following one of the schools 6 C's

Caring - Confident - Couragous - Committed - Curious - Challenged.

They each receive a certificate which they receive in assembly and their names appear on the school website and school digital notice boards as you enter the school.

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PAC Points

PAC stands for ‘Personal Achievement Card’. Each child has to earn 20 PAC signatures to achieve a ‘BRONZE’ award. 

 To earn a PAC, the children have to show that they have moved their learning on or achieved something that they could not do before. It focuses on the children's behaviours for learning rather than just behaviour. We want our children to be in control of their own learning, and this is a great way of managing this.

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Staying on Green

At Cubitt Town Junior School, our behaviour system is called staying on Green. Children all begin their day on green. If they do something positive, they are able to move up to bronze, then silver and lastly gold. If their behaviour is below our expectations, they will move down the shield to blue (a warning). Should the behaviour continue, the child then moves down to yellow (time out) and lastly red (sent to a member of the SLT. Parents are then informed).

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Child of the Month

The children are nominated by their teacher each month for making continual improvements in their learning.

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