Tower Hamlets Families Matter Newsletter

Spring 2019

Look out for our Community House on pages 9 & 22

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September 2018

Look on Page 18 for our schools Parent Celebration

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January 2018

Look out for our schools on pages 17 & 18

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Autumn 2017

Look on Page 5 for our article, Emotional First Aid.

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April 2017

Look out for our Foodbank Collection Article on page 12.

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September 2016

Look out for our Fruit and Vegetable Stall Article on page 12!

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January 2016

Look out for our Healthy Families Parent Ambassadors and parents who attended our workshop on page 6.

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April 2015

Look out for Parents, Teresa Hockley, Natalie Hood,and Lilly Nessa and Jacqui Jenkins can be found on pages 1,4,11,& 12.

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January 2015

Page 3 - Strengthening Families Award Ceremony.

Page 7 - Family Parent Ambassadors

Page 11 - Parent Ambassador Fundraiser 

Page 14 - QES Award

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