You can open door 15 of our advent calendar now
Very rewarding for me, I love passing on my skills and encouraging parents and new parents to enjoy and take pleasure in knitting. They come and knit and socialise for 1 1/2 hours and then they can pick their children up from school

Parents have gained skills from attending our workshops and they are now transferring their skills to teach other parents in our Community House.

Sally Crane (Parent Ambassador) facilitates a knitting workshop called Knit & Natter on Thursdays, teaching complete beginners and parents who just want to brush up on their skills! The knitters are currently knitting blankets for Richard House Hospice.

Parent Ambassadors Michelle Dowler & Katie Linnen also have facilitated Silk Painting Workshops for parents after completing our ‘Learn Some Teach Some Volunteering Project’. The parents used their skills to plan their workshops, ordered materials and evaluated their workshops. They both enjoyed the experience and are keen to explore more opportunities to facilitate workshops in the near future. Michelle is seeking employment and has gained valuable skills through our workshops and volunteering opportunities that will help her find employment in the near future (with help from Maria from Skills Match who facilitates a job club here at the school).

We are very proud of our Parent Ambassadors and would like to say a huge THANK YOU for helping making our schools great!

Wonderful class, I have learnt how to knit ! I used to watch other people knit and say I wish I could do that
I just like coming along here and teaching other parents and it's relaxing!
I am loving it knitting with other parents
I am so excited, at first I wanted to give up, but with encouragement I continued and I am now thinking about knitting as a business

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Wrap Up London - Thank You

Together we collected 160 coats. A huge THANK YOU to our families & staff.

Do you have any old or unwanted Coats?

Please bring your coats (adults & children) to the Community House on 11th or 12th November, 9.00am - 5.00pm


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